Tamar Valley Power Station

HRSG -Tamar Valley Power Station

The Tamar Valley Power Station is located approximately 50km north of Launceston, Tasmania on the east side of the scenic Tamar Valley, and just a few short kilometers south of the Bell Bay industrial area.


United Group Ltd – Infrastructure


Mechanical Construction Superintendent



“Alinta is a top-100 Australian company and one of the nation’s leading energy businesses. It has infrastructure in five states, as well as New Zealand, and it manages, operates and part-owns a diversified $7,500 million portfolio of energy assets, including the 305km Bass Strait undersea gas pipeline that was built by Duke Energy International in the early 1990’s” ( source Brand Tasmania Newsletter, Aug 07 issue 74)


The pre-existing plant was made up of three Pratt & Whitney FT8 Twin Pac open cycle gas turbines capable of generating 120MW.

United Group Ltd. was contracted to install the Rolls Royce Trent 60 gas turbine along with the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the associated balance of plant equipment.  On the new adjoining site, UGL erected and commissioned the complete 210MW Combined Cycle Power Plant consisting of a Mitsubishi 701DA with a 140MW generator, a Nooter-Eriksen Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) providing steam to a Mitsubishi Steam Turbine with a 60 MW generating capacity.

UGL designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the water treatment plant that services both Open and Combined Cycle power plants.  Cooling Water supplied from a combined water service was piped to the site and cooled by a Hamon designed Hybrid Cooling Tower, erected and commissioned by United Group Limited.

Initially I was responsible for the construction of ‘Balance of Plant’ equipment and upon successful completion of this project I was engaged to undertake construction of the second half of the 140MW gas turbine and the 70MW steam turbine.

Cooling Tower – TVPS


The new power station now consists of the base load Combined Cycle Mitsubishi 140MW 701DA gas turbine, a Nooter-Eriksen HRSG, a Hamon Hybrid Cooling Tower, a Mitsubishi 60MW steam turbine (all commissioned in September 2009), a new peaking plant capacity based on an open cycle arrangement provided by a Rolls Royce Trent 60WLE gas turbine (commissioned in June 2009) and the existing site Pratt & Whitney FT8 gas turbines.

The station’s combined cycle unit supplies 203MW of base load generation.  This is supplemented by 180MW of open-cycle gas turbine acting as peaking plant.

Project Facts

  • Construction period – about 24 months
  • Employment during construction – up to 340 jobs
  • Employment during operation – between 25 to 30 full time jobs
  • The Tamar Valley Power Station has been commissioned on time with the total cost of the plant finishing under the original $451 million budget.
  • The Tamar Valley Power Station should ease the pressure on Hydro Tasmania’s dams.
  • The 210 MW gas-fired operation will be the first private-sector power generator in Tasmanian history

BOP – Cooling Tower Risers TVPS


  • Earthworks contractor – Shaw Contracting
  • Civil contractor – Hazell Brothers
  • Overall construction contractor – United Group Ltd
  • Cooling Tower construction – United Group Ltd
  • Civil Design – GHD
  • Other significant Tasmanian contractors include Russel Smith Electrical, Contact Electrical, Haywards, Tasmanian Electrical Services and Specialist Access and Hire.
  • Other significant Mainland contractors include CTC – Cooling Tower Contractor

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