Construction Project Management

AC Engineering provides a range of project engineering and construction engineering services designed to deliver maximum results.

I am a Construction Professional specialising in SMP (Structural, Mechanical, Piping) Construction Management, Site Project Management & Construction/Site Supervision.

As a Project Manager I have a proven track record of delivering on time and within budget, as well as having the ability to apply highly developed problem solving skills to achieve results.

For a small engineering company I bring a wealth of experience with specialist sectors including construction, power supply, rail, process industries and mining and resources.

These skills and experiences combined with my Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering and leadership qualities will enable me to adapt quickly to any new role and contribute to the ongoing success of your company by keeping on budget, meeting your deadlines and working closely with your management to achieve their goals.

I offer

  • Liaising with site management contractors in regard to technical construction.
  • Ensuring sufficient scheduling, planning and management of staff.
  • Ensuring construction works are carried out in accordance with approved drawings.
  • Developing and reviewing project schedules to optimise resource levels and facilitate timely completion of contract work.
  • Preparing detailed work execution methods, including construction through to commissioning.
  • Monitoring and reporting tasks in regard to progress of site works.
  • Reviewing contractor operations, including processing of staging payment claims.
  • Monitoring work practices and standards to ensure AQ/QC compliance.

Construction Engineering Experience

Green Field/Brown Field

Construction of Balance of Plant (Tamar Valley Power Station & Worsley Co-gen)

Fuel Belt Feed Systems for Furnaces (Worsley Co-gen)

Boiler and Steam Turbine Plants (Worsley Co-gen)

Bag House Construction (Worsley Co-gen)

140MW Gas Turbine (Tamar Valley Power Station)

70MW Steam Turbine (Tamar Valley Power Station)

Cooling Tower Construction (Tamar Valley Power Station)